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Halloween Silent Film: The Man Who Laughs

Based on Victor Hugo’s 1869 novel, The Man Who Laughs stars Conrad Veidt as Gwynplaine, a carnival freak doomed to live life wearing a perpetual grin carved on his face because his father had offended England’s King James II. Released with a music score that included the song “When Love Comes Smiling”, Paul Leni’s masterpiece remains one of the silent era’s last great romantic melodramas.


Sunday, October 25 @ 3pm

Live at Lumiere: Open Mic Night

Whether you like to sing, play music, or just prefer to drink delicious cocktails while listening to great local acts, come by on Thursday nights to enjoy The Strand’s new Open Mic Night! Live at Lumiere: Open Mic Night is always free entry and free to play. All artists will also have the opportunity to buy a CD of their recorded sets at $5 per song (original material only).