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Technical Equipment

Basic sound and lighting equipment is included in the auditorium rental fee. Some items incur additional charges. All equipment must be returned as received (i.e. – undamaged and in working condition).

All lighting fixtures are controlled by an ETC Ion console with two fader wings. Conventional fixtures include 58 Source Four Lekos with various lenses and 24 Source Four Par Cans. Two ETC Source Four Revolution and 8 ETC Selador Paletta 21” LED fixtures are also available. Gels/Colors for conventional fixtures are not provided for performances. The standard house plot may be changed to suit your needs but must be fully restored before leaving the space after the final performance. Please allocate sufficient time (and personnel) in your rental contract to make any necessary changes and to restore equipment to its original configuration. Headset/Clear-Com (communication) is available on stage, in the balcony, in the orchestra pit and in the technical booth.

The sound system consists of DB Technologies enclosures (six DVA/T4 and one S20 sub per side, floor stacked), with a Yamaha LS9-32 Digital Mixing Console, Professional Tascam CD player, and Ashly Protea professional series multi channel graphic equalizers. Limited wired and wireless Shure, MiPro, Audix and Avantone microphones are available. There are 6 available sends to the stage and 6 DB Technologies M12-4 Monitors. Any and all equipment used or changed must be approved by the Technical Director and restored to its original status before leaving the space after the final performance.

The video system includes a 22’x22′ projection screen with a Sanyo 12K projector (model number PLC-XF46N/E), a professional series Pioneer DVD Player, an Oppo BDP-95, and a Kramer VP-720 XL professional video scaler/switcher (S-Video/RCA/VGA/DVI capable).

The soft goods on stage include a Burgundy Main Drape, two black traveling curtains, two sets of Black Legs, and three Black Borders. All but Main Curtain may be hung to suit the needs of your performance, but sufficient time and personnel must be allocated in your contract to make the changes and to restore all items to original configuration after the final performance.

There are three dressing rooms, one green room/dressing room, and 2 restrooms available underneath the stage with Orchestra Pit Access. Each dressing room can accommodate approximately 4-6 performers and must be left in clean condition at the end of each performance.

Load-In/Out is through a 10’x10’ loading door backstage left. Dock height is 52”. Loading Ramps/Dock Plates for the loading and unloading of trucks must be provided by lessee.

As situations may vary for each performance, check with the Technical Director at least 4 weeks prior to your show to discuss equipment availability, specific needs or to arrange rental of any equipment not available at the Strand.

Contact technical director for current lighting plot at chuck@earlsmithstrand.org.


Menopause The Musical has added an ADDITIONAL SHOWTIME on Sunday, January 21 @ 12:00 PM.